Health Technology Labor Shortage

Star Tribune article features Talencio CEO, Paula Norbom

Health Technology Labor Shortage
At Talencio, we know the current Health Technology labor shortage can be solved by a number of stakeholders, individuals, companies and efforts. It will likely take all those things to address the current, and coming, talent shortage. In this Star Tribune article Talencio CEO, Paula Norbom, touches on a few of these solutions and how the Health Technology community can start to address the current shortage.

About Talencio: We help the Health Technology community make progress by putting the right people in the right place to solve problems and identify opportunities to move humanity forward. To learn more about opportunities in the health technology field, or to hear how other companies have partnered with Talencio to tap into our skilled professional talent pool, contact us at 612.703.4236 or email. Talencio has been the preferred provider of vetted, accomplished professionals to the Health Technology Community for over 9 years.
Paula Norbom

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