We’re on Growth Hormones

There’s movement afoot at Talencio.

Wikipedia’s description of growth hormone is: “(GH or HGH), also known as somatotropin or somatropin, is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction andregeneration in humans and other animals.”There’s movement afoot at Talencio. It’s as if Talencio is reproducing cells and regenerating humans. And so, we bring you this interview with President Paula Norbom to share with you what it’s all about.
I hear Talencio is moving. Tell me about that.
PN: The number of staff at Talencio has doubled/”regenerated” over the past year and we are physically out of room. We are moving to space in our same building, adjacent to our current office that will triple our footprint and enable us to continue to fulfill our growing client needs. If you’ve visited our current office, you know that we are in a renovated 1880s building right off the Mississippi River in the North Loop. We’ve always loved our location and space, so we’re delighted that we’ll be able to replicate our look and feel just down the hall.
Business must be good. To what do you attribute that?
PN: Yes, business is strong. We’re especially seeing strong demand in the areas of clinical research, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and development engineering.
Growth - A Blond WomanSeveral factors account for the growth in our business. First, the economy is stronger than it has been in the past six years. Medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are again investing in new technologies and getting them to market. Second, there is an increase in corporate activity related to regulatory and quality compliance. Third, with the stronger economy and the availability of healthcare outside the workplace, some employees are venturing out, exploring new opportunities and leaving their current jobs. That leaves a gap at their previous employer that can be filled with an experienced contractor until an employee is hired. And finally, Talencio’s reputation – as a dependable partner and source of talented, vetted and experienced life science professionals – is growing.
I’m seeing some new staff names popping up at Talencio. Why are you adding staff?
PN: In the past 60 days, we added Talent Specialists and a Director of Client Engagement to our team. Talencio is serious about our ability to quickly deliver the right talent to our clients. We understand the challenges many of our clients face; we understand our clients’ urgency to meet their goals. We’re here to help in a very timely way.
As we grow, we focus on building our team with professionals who have prior experience in the life sciences. Our recent internal hires have backgrounds in medical device marketing, clinical research, recruiting and sales. This helps us to relate with our clients and be value-added partners.
Will Talencio move into new areas?
PN: Our clients come from the life science community including medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. They are growing as well and are experiencing challenges across all functional areas. Our focus will continue within this community and amongst all departments, especially as it relates to experienced professionals, or what we call Serious Talent®. I do not perceive that we will change our focus. We’re doing what we were called to do – and where we excel.
To learn more about how other life science companies have overcome hurdles and road blocks to meet their goals, contact us directly at 612.703.4236 or email to: pnorbom@talencio.com. Talencio, LLC is the preferred provider of vetted, accomplished professionals to the Life Sciences community.

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