Talencio’s Hottest Job Openings

Employers are seeking contractors in specific areas.

Talencio’s Hottest Job Openings
Hot JobsDo you ever wonder what kinds of positions a staffing firm like Talencio fills most regularly? Having that picture of the current contracting world might help you to target your resume and marketing efforts more directly. Recently I interviewed Paula Norbom, CEO of Talencio, to hear what the most common types of positions they are currently filling. Three major scenarios stood out for her as the reasons employers are currently seeking contractors.

  • In the area of clinical research: For employers, conducting clinical research as quickly and effectively as possible is crucially important; it means a faster income flow assuming all goes well. When employers have difficulty finding enough of the right kind of people, the need for talent is short-term or they need talent in other geographies, they turn to experienced contractors.
  • Right now regulatory activity in the life sciences is strong. There are many ways this impacts an employer’s need for contractors. For example:
    • If the FDA or other regulatory bodies have formal concerns, they must be remedied ASAP! Usually that means that full-timers will be taken off of their normal assignments and redirected to meet the challenge. Contractors are often required to take up the regular positions that those reassigned have left behind.
    • As in the case of the National Physician Payment Transparency Program (also known as the Physician Sunshine Payment Act), new systems often have to be developed to respond to new laws or regulatory requirements. This kind of work involves contractors designing the system and/or relieving full-timers who become involved in designing the new system.
    • With the improvement in the economy, employers are looking to access new markets. Experienced regulatory contractors are instrumental in filling the capacity and expertise gap so the company stays on track with their corporate goals and investor expectations.
  • Often employers need individuals who will fill in immediately when managers or professionals leave their positions. In the long term the organization will hire someone permanently but that decision-making process will take time and meanwhile the work needs to get done. Often Talencio is asked to find an experienced contractor for such “contract to hire” positions.

From this discussion you can see that people working in regulatory affairs and clinical research are currently in high demand.

Do you have skills related to these areas? Are they well showcased in your personal marketing materials? How can your skills and knowledge help meet these challenges in your industry?




Paula Norbom, President and CEO of Talencio


Sally Power, Ph.D. is a writer, researcher, and personal consultant accelerating successful career transitions.

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