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Talencio provides continual professional advancement opportunities that suit your career goals, not just the goals of our clients. We understand the skills and talents you bring to the life sciences and pride ourselves in getting to know you – beyond what’s on your resume. Connect with us to make sure you are considered should an opportunity match your skills and ambitions.


At Talencio, we have over 130 years of combined Health Technology community experience and understand your career path and your current needs. We’ve either been you, worked side by side with you or hired you. We have proven processes for the Health Technology community to understand what you bring to the table, what makes you different and where you’re going so we can match you with the exact right opportunity.


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Ravings from some of our colleagues


My experience with Talencio during the hiring proces for my current position was nothing but positive. I had been looking to branch out into medical device R&D, and Rachel helped me polish my resume to highlight my strengths and skills that were relevant to the position I applied for through this agency. I also thought the preparatory questionnaires and interviews with her were beneficial in deciding whether or not the job would be a good next step for me to seek out. From the beginning, I could tell that the team took great care in matching and presenting applicants to employers, and that gave me confidence in my decisions. Working with Carrie and Rachel to schedule interviews and meetings with my (then) prospective employer was a breeze. I’ve worked with other recruiters before, but I never had the impression that I was just a file number to the team at Talencio. Overall, I am quite pleased with the position I was placed in through this agency. I highly recommend Talencio to any job seekers looking to expand and grow their careers!

Ashley Umlauf, Molecular R&D Technician, Microbiologics, Inc.

The team at Talencio was fantastic at helping me find a position that fit my background and aligned with my career goals. Talencio met with me to review my resume and took the time to understand my work history and what of positions I am interested in. We had regular conversations both over the phone and in-person to discuss new opportunities and help prepare me for interviews. I am very grateful for the guidance and support Talencio provided as I transitioned into the next phase of my career. I strongly recommend Talencio to anyone looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Matt Harris, Medical Writer

I have worked with (and avoided) a fair amount of recruiters in my life, and, for the most part, I have found them to be a waste of time. Jennifer [Drayton] has been amazing and a pleasure to work with on the Tactile role. She’s candid and easy to talk with, and she clearly knows what she’s doing; I trust her implicitly! She’s also just a fun person and very enjoyable to chatter with. I’m sure you know all of this, but I wanted you to hear it from someone that she is working to place into a job-she ROCKS!

Sarah Komorowski, Senior Sales Training Manager

I was very impressed with Talencio as a professional recruitment Agency in the Twin Cities for the following reasons:

  1. My very 1st step in the job search for the next higher level in my career path began with my 1st in person meeting with Anna at the Talencio office in Minneapolis after Anna Mehlhoff contacted me about a Quality Director’s position in a fast growing pharmaceutical company. This meeting was very productive in highlighting the key areas in my resume to match the employer’s requirements.
  2. This was followed by interview preparation meeting by phone and several follow up feedback from the employer who was fine-tuning the position for their needs.
  3. Another impressive feature of Talencio’s service was Anna’s delegation of her responsibilities to her Manager, Paula Norbom who was also very professional, when Anna left on vacation for a week during this recruitment process.
  4. I have never seen this high caliber of recruiting service with laser focused, empathetic listening skills aimed at the end goal of finding the best professional fit for the employee and the employer.

I strongly recommend using Talencio for your professional hiring and job seeking needs.

Meena Chettiar, Principal Quality Engineer for Product Development, Freudenberg Medical

Working with Talencio was a great experience. When Anna contacted me, I had recently completed my MBA and was looking for a promotion. She took the time to understand how my background prepared me to perform at the next level, and she ensured my skillset was presented to best demonstrate my abilities. I felt like she was not only trying to find a person to fill a position, but also really cared that the position would be the right fit for me.
Throughout the process I could openly ask questions about topics I might not feel comfortable asking a potential employer directly. I spent several hours talking with both Anna and Paula, and we did both phone and in-person practice interviews. By the time I actually interviewed with my current employer, I was incredibly prepared and really understood what they were looking for in a candidate.
My new position is a great fit, and I am really enjoying this new phase in my career.

Program Manager

I’d like to thank you once more for your generous gift of time yesterday. The insights you shared with me and your ideas to make my personal brand more memorable are very helpful. I will be working hard the next few days to incorporate what I learned from you. I’m impressed with your continual learning philosophy and the personal stretch you’ve undertaken regarding your upcoming comedy club appearance. I admire your courage and your savvy. Very smart thinking. I’m noodling over the suggestion you shared about me submitting a few articles to LinkedIn. That would be an “out of my comfort zone” experience but it definitely has me intrigued.
Thanks again for your willingness to sit down with a stranger and emerge with a new friend. I look forward to working with you for mutual success in the future.

Pete Vaillant, VP Manufacturing Operations


Thank you for your kind email and support throughout this process, it has been a great experience working with you and Paula. I am ecstatic about this opportunity and can not wait to get started in my new career with Douglas Scientific.
My wife and I actually just signed a lease and will be relocating to the area at the end of this month, so the wheels are already turning with our move. It is an area that we are both in love with and we are very excited to begin to put down roots there.
Thank you once again for all of your assistance throughout this process and please do not hesitate to reach out to me in the future if I can ever offer you and Talencio support or a reference about your great service!

Adam Vogelsang, Client Executive


Anna Mehlhoff and the team at Talencio is a very professional career placement company. Talencio offered positive feedback and provided excellent counseling to me in my job search. I would highly recommend working with Talencio when looking for a job or for candidates for your company.

William Martyanik, Sr. Sales Consultant


THANK YOU for providing me with the opportunity to get back to work after some time off. It is with pride that I can say I’ve been a part of the Talencio organization. The professionalism, kindness, and engaging nature of the Talencio team have been demonstrated to me in just a few short months. Last but not least, Talencio’s involvement in the life science community shows the energy, commitment, and passion you possess and it is inspiring! Thank you for letting me be part of your team!

Julie Jordan, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist


I left a full-time job to take on a more challenging, long-term contract within healthcare reimbursement. Talencio was an ideal partner to assist me in making this change. I thoroughly enjoy my role, working on a team with a large insurance provider, and am able to leverage my leadership skills in helping to identify and fill gaps in current processes regarding payment policy implementation.

Kamal Kulkarni, Payment Policy Analyst


Some emails we receive are just to good to delete. Here is one we are thrilled to share: Hey there – Just wanted to thank you both – Carrie you are like a guardian angel, looking out for opportunities for me all the time. It’s really kind! And Paula every time I get together with you, there is a little nugget of wisdom I leave with. I remember you telling me about the job postings you placed on LinkedIn and how you expected people to contact you directly, but they never did. I thought, well….why not? So over the weekend I dug in Linkedin, found the internal recruiter for [company name withheld], and sent him an invite to connect and a request to learn more about the role. I have a phone screen interview with him later today. Who knows how that will play out, but it is a start! Sometimes we don’t know the impact we have on people. I wanted you to know.

Mary, Marketing Executive


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Talencio at a major pharmaceutical company as a Publications Specialist. Talencio ensured that the client’s needs and my needs were fulfilled through their thorough vetting process. By having me complete a t-chart matching my qualifications to the position, Talencio made certain that the client’s expectations were satisfied. Because Talencio participated in every step of the process, the client was assured that I was the right fit for the assignment and could begin to make an immediate, positive impact on their business objectives.

Talencio Pharmaceutical Contractor


When I first contacted Paula Norbom for Regulatory Affairs job opportunities in California, I had no idea of the vast influence her agency, Talencio, LLC based in Minnesota, had in the medical device manufacturing industry. Paula mentored me along the onboarding process by positioning my resume and work experience in closer alignment with the needs of a Fortune 500 company located in San Jose, and then tutored me before I was interviewed by telephone and subsequently hired within a week after our initial contact! I have been under contract with Talencio for some time now, and have enjoyed several work extensions and a pay raise. My success and reward has been attributed to the logistical ease of the online timekeeping system, and the continued advocacy of Paula and her team. Overall, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with Talencio and would recommend and encourage others to seek out the expertise of Talencio to fulfill your aspirations for a higher standard of employment collaboration.

Tom N., RAC, San Mateo, CA


Through the process of networking (discovery), interviewing and eventually the job offer, Talencio was entirely committed to both my interests in finding the right fit for my strengths and their client’s need for a specific set of skills and abilities. We used a simple but clear process to add more detail to my career experiences, ensuring the fit between me and the new opportunity was not just on paper. Talencio has helped me get back to an exciting, early stage opportunity, where I belong!

Chris Olig, Medical Science Liaison


As a consulting firm working in the areas of chemistry, polymer science and other related areas, our experience with Talencio has been entirely and overwhelmingly positive. Paula Norbom and her team have always delivered all that was expected and much more. Corporate as well as personal integrity are strengths of paramount importance to us at Integrity Coatings and it appears the same is true of Talencio. Their clientele include some of the top medical device manufacturers in the area. In our experience, the matching of their colleagues with the needs of their clientele has been perfect.

Martin L Hage, President, Integrity Coatings Inc.


They do a great job matching talent to specific job requirements. Colleagues work with the person who is directly in contact with the client, so decisions are made quickly and communication is crisp and clear. They are very easy to work with. The colleagues have access to the people at the top of the company on down and are treated very well.

Jack Stewart, Manufacturing Executive

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