I just returned from a week of fishing with my dad on Lake of the Woods in Canada. He is a pro and a fishing guide in his retirement. We typically cast for muskie in the rocks and weeds along shore. We also jig for walleye, schooled among the bait fish. This year, I caught a 33.5 inch, 14 pound, trophy walleye, the biggest Sportsman’s Harbor has ever seen.
Over the years, I’ve learned quite a bit from fishing that can be applied to managing a department, running a company or reaching your annual and monthly goals. The first of these lessons is “If You Aren’t an Expert, Hire One” .
While walleye fishing, my jig snagged a rock 20 feet below surface. I intentionally cut the line and since I no longer had enough line on that rod, I switched to a light salt water 8.5 foot rod with 10 pound super braid line and a 20 pound fluorocarbon leader. In the second cast, the fish struck. It took out line/drag. I reeled with all my might. My pole bent in half and my muscles ached. It was a 33.5 inch, 14 pound, walleye! Imagine if I had my original 7 foot rod with 8 pound test tied directly to the bait. The line would have snapped and my trophy fish vanished.
Do you have the right people to meet your objectives? I was with my dad, an expert fisherman with over 70 years of experience. If you are managing people, are the right ones on your team? Do they have the required skill and experience to achieve objectives, to know when and how to change course? Do they have the motivators and personality to effectively work with the team? If not, then it is time to make a change.
The change could entail additional training or coaching. Believe me, my dad coached me on bringing in my big walleye! And without an expert, it would never have happened.
It may be that your team is not working efficiently and processes need to be improved. While jigging for walleye, we constantly honed our process. Using the GPS bottom indicator, we searched for the best fish spots, those filled with bait fish. We set the electronic anchor and fished. If we came up with little, we quickly moved on to a better location where walleyes were biting.
You may also need to tap into additional part-time talent to catch up with the work load. Partner with a reputable staffing firm that supplies the exact type of talent you need for your industry and functional area.
You may even need to cut bait and let someone go. Whatever the problem with your team, identify it and act on it. Keep your eye focused on the trophy, or trophy fish, and with the right expertise, catch it!
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