Part II: Strategy

A five-part series that will help navigate you through, what some consider, the necessary evil . . .

Congratulations! You’ve realized the purpose for networking, but more importantly you’ve discovered your personal purpose for networking, so what’s next?

Whether you’re braving this new venture for personal growth or business brand recognition, putting together a strategic plan is a necessary next step. Did you know that more than 80% of those in business do not have a networking strategy?
Here are some tools you can utilize to build and keep your networking strategy on track:

  • Join LinkedIn: It is the most successful professional social media channel for networking with like-minded people. Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile and filled it out to its fullest, start connecting with other professionals, join groups and actively participate in discussions.
  • Join a Meetup: Meetups are one of the more effective face-to-face group networks for connecting with professionals who share similar interests. Join multiple Meetup groups and attend a few of their events just to test the waters.
  • Create a Blog: Sharing your industry knowledge and perspective is a powerful tool to have in your networking toolbox and providing an avenue for others to express their questions and insights that can be distributed to the masses is even better.
  • Meet someone new weekly: Whether you meet this individual online or in person, to remain valuable in this every-changing economy it is essential that you continually connect with someone new. However, don’t seek out someone just to check off a “to-do” list, seek like minded people that will bring value to you and your growing network.
  • Create an ROI scale: Like any campaign there needs to be a measurement of success. Tracking each activity on an Excel spreadsheet weekly, even daily will be a good visual compass of what’s working and what’s not.
  • Better to give: When networking it is always a good idea to give . . . . for example;
    • Make recommendations on LinkedIn
    • Send a thank you note to show appreciation
    • Invite members of your network to be guests at networking events
    • Interview members and share them on your blog

As with any plan, your networking strategy will continually change as you gain experience and exposure. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, set new goals and most of all try to have fun with it.
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