Obstacles occur every day. It is how we deal with the imposed challenge that matters most. It is impossible to account for every possibility. However, there are many that we can prepare for. What do you do when you are faced with unexpected obstacles at work? These obstacles can cause extra hours of work, anxiety, sleepless nights, health issues and missed deadlines. Here are a few examples that I’ve run into during my career in health technology. Do you have a plan to deal with these or other issues that may come your way?

  • Product recalls
  • Staff downsizing
  • Key employee resignation
  • Sale of your company
  • Lack of staff to tackle a large project
  • Unmet clinical study end points
  • Lack of the reimbursement code you were pursuing
  • Lack of money to continue to fund the start-up
  • New federal regulations
  • A dishonest executive
  • A failed IT system
  • Inability to manufacture product due to an unknown mechanical issue
  • …and more!

Our time should not be solely focused on contingency plans. However, we should carve out some time to prepare for the likely scenarios. Then when an issue arises, you can act quickly, avoid a misstep and negative impact to your health and organization, and in the process advance your goals and career.

Nearly every unexpected event results in a need to spend more time solving the issue. If the issue is big enough, you may not have the time or resources to address it in the time frame required. Consider partnering with an industry-focused staffing and recruiting firm before the unexpected occurs.

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