We’re excited to share my personal journey, highlighting the transformative force of connections, often referred to as “relational capital.”

A Paradigm Shift

In 2001, as a finance and accounting executive at a medical device company, I was astounded by the extensive network connections our KPMG audit partner had developed. It was a turning point. The desire to grow in my career and expand my impact on the health technology ecosystem propelled me to embark on a journey to cultivate many important relationships.

Leveraging Relationships: The Birth of Talencio

In 2008, I harnessed the power of relational capital to establish Talencio – a health technology staffing and recruiting firm. The foundation of our success was twofold: a robust network of industry professionals and an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of our highly regulated industry. These essential ingredients empowered us to collaborate closely with clients and contribute significantly to their success. The remarkable twist? My career trajectory led me to a domain where relationships sat at the core – a revelation I had not foreseen in 2001.

Harnessing Your Relational Capital

You might be surprised to learn that I identify as an introvert. If you resonate with this, take heart – the journey to cultivate relational capital transcends personality types. Whether introverted or extroverted, the ability to nurture connections is within reach.

Introducing Serious Talent® Chats: Cultivating Connections

Nearly four years ago, Talencio launched Serious Talent® Chats – hosting weekly roundtables for executives, investors, and visionaries in the health technology sector. With weekly participant numbers ranging from 12 to 30, these discussions delve into shared topics of interest, fostering connections beyond organizational and national borders.

Join an upcoming chat to embark on your own “relational capital” journey. From a 2001 health tech finance executive to a business owner today, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of relationships. Prioritize cultivating relational capital through initiatives like Serious Talent® Chats.

Thank you for being part of our community and for your continued support. Here’s to nurturing connections that shape destinies!


About the Author

Paula Norbom Paula Norbom is the Founder and CEO of Talencio, an executive search and staffing firm serving health technology companies. She has worked in the health technology space for over 24 years.

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