I’m looking forward to my son’s return from college for the holiday and excited to continue my tutelage of him in the kitchen. Some things are not obvious to the novice cook – for example:

1. When to add the seasonings depends on the dish (salt the water for boiling pasta first – don’t add salt to pasta after it is cooked – salt a steak after it is cooked so the meat doesn’t toughen).

2. While it is possible to make substitutions of some ingredients, not all substitutions are equal and your dish may flop.

3. Some ingredients are expensive, but when used in the recipe yield an exquisite result (think saffron threads, whole vanilla beans and freshly grated whole nutmeg).

4. Every kitchen pantry contains some spices and ingredients that should be culled rather than used because they are beyond their freshness date (how disappointing it is to invest effort in baking bread that refuses to rise because the yeast is no longer active).

5. Tasting some recipes in process allows for some flavoring adjustments (think soup); for other recipes, cooking by feel yields the best result (think breads and pie crust).


These principles that are so obvious to the experienced cook are not obvious to the novice cook. As I reflect on the cooking lessons I wish to impart to my son during his Christmas break, it occurs to me how these principles apply to staffing as well.


Talencio is an experienced staffing and recruiting partner (think experienced cooking instructor) for the health technology industry. Because we have extensive experience within the industry, we understand the challenges you face. We understand that the projects (recipes) that are common in the health technology (e.g., designing for lean manufacturing of a new product, designing and executing a clinical trial that will yield robust outcomes, building a reliable supply chain, etc.). We understand the skills (ingredients) that are needed, both the staples (think flour, sugar, salt) and the specialized skills that are essential to success of your particular project (think active yeast, vanilla beans). We understand and respond to the imperative of timeliness, providing the right skills when they are needed so that your project can proceed without delay. And because of our experience within the industry, we can help you assess projects that are not making optimal progress and recommend approaches for mid-course correction (think tasting and re-seasoning the soup). And we take delight in your success.


To learn more about how other health technology companies have partnered with us to overcome hurdles and capacity issues, contact me at 612.703.4236 or email to: pnorbom@talencio.com. Talencio, LLC is the preferred provider of vetted, accomplished professionals to the Life Sciences community for over seven years.


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Wishing you and yours joy during this holiday season.

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