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I have the pleasure of networking with new people every day. For me, taking a meeting is a welcome adventure.

People generally reach out because they want something, and that’s fine with me. However, some people are better at asking than others.

I walk away from good meetings feeling excited about the person, thankful for what I’ve learned and motivated to help them. The bad meetings create an opposite response.

You can’t underestimate the importance of being introspective and learning from your peers. For me, it is a continuous reflection.

With reflection in mind, I’d like to share three very positive recent meetings and my top networking takeaways:


He Delivered Value

I had a great meeting with Cameron. He helped me to understand a few areas of digital health I had questions about and went above and beyond in offering up topics for discussion that were of value to me. By the end of the conversation, I looked forward to helping him.

Ever have a friend spew a self-important stream of consciousness? Doesn’t it remind you of calculus class or some other boring lecture? You know you have to stay awake, but you also know you’ll never use this information in real life.

Most of the time, I do more research than the person who has asked me for the meeting. I do it because it helps me to tailor the conversation to their needs. On a base level, addressing the other person’s interests first in a networking conversation is a sign of respect. At a higher level, it hints at an ability to build teams and deliver success.


Don’t teach calculus. Talk about things the other person actually cares about.


She Exuded Confidence

I had coffee with Kei and left feeling more energized from her than I did from the caffeine. Her resume speaks for itself, but her energy is something organizations need. Everyone goes through a career transition in life. Kei makes it seem like a breeze. I look forward to introducing her.

How does it feel to hang out and spend time with someone who is bitter or dejected? How does the energy change on each side of the coin? People don’t want to hear your victim story. They want to hear your hero story.


Executive Shares Their Top 3 Networking Takeaways | Top Networking Takeaways | Hero story

Practice your hero story. Tell people why your next performance is going to be your career best. I want to help you. Give me a reason. You know what they say…you need to believe in yourself before others will. It’s so true.


He Took Action

Josh knows what he wants. He prepared extremely well for our meeting. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in “try hard.” He followed up with me and others in a timely and gracious manner. It’s amazing how many people don’t take action, but Josh did. And, it’s already paying off for him.

Do you recognize when people in your life hustle to get things done? When you see someone hustling, does it activate you to move a little faster? If you really want to display leadership, pick up a tool and start working, especially when others are not.


Work on your hustle and I promise it will make you shine. Send out the meeting invite before the other person does. Respond quickly and thoughtfully. Research before the meeting. Be early. Dress nicely. Follow up. It is noticed!




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Written by: Christiaan Engstrom, VP of Corporate Development of Talencio

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