“We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time!”—Vince Lombardi

Tick, tock! Do you know how to achieve your business goals this fiscal year or are you fumbling halfway there? What can you do to assure that you cross the goal line? Here are some steps to help you end your fiscal year in a strong position.

Look back

Check back with the goals you set at the outset of your fiscal year. Which did you achieve already, and what contributed to those successes? Which goals no longer seem relevant because of changes in circumstances? Simplify: drop those that are now irrelevant. Prioritize: focus on the goals that are currently the most important to your fiscal year-end success.

Look forward and make a plan

For those priority goals not yet achieved, determine the barriers to achieving those goals. Manage distractions and keep them to a minimum. Are there learnings that you can glean from the goals that have already been achieved? Will the redeployment of resources away from goals you’ve dropped to these key goals be sufficient to end your year strong? If not, what resources are lacking? Can they be obtained? Develop a detailed, calendar-based action plan for driving to complete your key goals. Be serious, but flexible.

Look at your people

Tangibly thank those who have made a positive impact on your business this fiscal year — and make plans to replace under-performers. Under-performers undermine the morale of others, create a negative workplace atmosphere and hinder productivity. Relieve employee stress and prevent burnout of your most responsible employees by augmenting teams with temporary personnel. Are there teams that are hindered because they lack one or more critical skills? Again, bringing on skilled temporary personnel to fill those gaps will allow your employees to move forward toward goal achievement.

Look to Talencio

If not having the right (or enough) people in place is part of the problem, Talencio can help. Let us help you control costs while expanding your resources for specific hard-to-source skills on a short- or long-term basis.

Whatever you do, don’t run out of time! Cross the goal line! Your company is depending on you.

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