Part V:  The Follow-Up
A five-part series that will help navigate you through, what some consider, the necessary evil  . . .  NETWORKING.
climb mountainOver the past several weeks we’ve spent time navigating our way through the networking maze and feeling pretty good about the progress.  I am happy to say this is where the real work begins.
Although each step we’ve taken has had its imperative pieces, the follow-up is by far the catalyst for your success.  Did you know that most people don’t follow up after meeting at an event for fear of a lack of response?  Crazy right?  Think about it — you’ve already mastered the intimidating, large group events and you’ve conquered your fear of talking to strangers, telling your story and listening to theirs.  If you follow these few simple steps, the follow-up will be a piece of cake:

  • Send an email within 24 hours of meeting
  • Subject line should reference where you met
  • Recap your conversation
  • Request a 20 minute 1:1 meeting to ”share market insights”
  • Be accommodating and considerate of their time
  • Once you’ve met send a thank you note

For a variety of reasons, you may not get a meeting with everyone whose business card you’ve collected 24 hours before.  For those contacts it is especially important to keep in front of them so you are not forgotten.

  • Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Add them to your personal or company’s monthly newsletter distribution
  • Follow up with them quarterly
  • Invite them to other events/outings
  • Make certain to say hello at future events

You are now well on your way to avoiding being bowled over and becoming a networking master.  One last tip; just like any life change, it is all about routine.  To keep on task, create a Networking Check List until each step becomes second nature and then pass it along to someone who could benefit . . . it feels good to give back.
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