Interviewer: Carrie, you’ve just recently joined Talencio’s staff, but you have more than 15 years of staffing experience. How is Talencio different from the agencies you have experience with?

Carrie: The two words I’d use to describe the differences are “thoughtful” and “personalized.” Talencio places high level staff with Life Sciences experience. Each of our search and placement processes is unique. We’re not trying to staff 10 warm bodies for an assembly line – we are trying to find the one perfect person with the right constellation of skills to meet the specific needs of our client.
Interviewer: Give me an example of “thoughtful and personalized.”
Carrie: I’ll give you one for the client side and one on the talent side.
When we work with a client company to understand their staffing needs, Paula brings the perspective that comes with having worked as an executive in the Life Sciences industry herself. I’ve been impressed by how well she communicates with our clients to truly pinpoint just what skills are needed. She speaks their language. It is truly a dialog between peers.
On the talent side, we have an excellent database of consultants that is well annotated, and each of us has an extensive personal network as well. We don’t just send over a dozen resumes and make the client pick. When we’ve narrowed the field to a few top candidates, we start interviewing to explore a possible fit. We present one or two thoroughly vetted candidates. We highlight the congruence between the requirements of the position and the candidate’s experience, training, and skills. From what I’ve seen, our clients are delighted with the results.
Interviewer: What makes you excited about your new position at Talencio?
Carrie: I’m pleased to work for a company that is so highly regarded and excited to meet the movers and shakers in our region’s Life Sciences community.
Interviewer: Thanks, for your insights, Carrie.
Carrie: My pleasure.


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