Is Minnesota’s Health Technology Community the Right Fit for You?


From Polar Plunge swims in frozen lakes to spaghetti-on-a-stick at the State Fair, there are many great traditions in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area (MSP). Many people post stories online in the hopes of persuading others to their point of view.  While I appreciate a good story, nothing speaks to me like clear, concise data. Below, I’ll share some data about Minnesota’s growing Health Technology community and explain why Minnesota is a great option for those looking to propel their career to the next level.

  •  Minnesota was #1 in job growth in technology related fields, with 8.4% growth.
  • The technology workforce is 43% more concentrated than the national average.
  • The MSP region was #1 among the top 25 metro areas in overall job retention.

These numbers show that the technology related job market in Minnesota is expanding, and suggests that professionals that move here don’t want to leave. The presence of big names like Medtronic, 3M, and UnitedHealth Group along with over 600 smaller Health Technology companies means that there are more than enough opportunities for advancement to go around.

As 2017 commences, the demand for tech professionals is continuing to grow. No matter the industry, companies are increasingly defined by their technical aptitude. Health Technology professionals planning their next steps are strongly encouraged to consider the potential of the MSP tech community as their new home. If the hottest up-and-coming tech-related job market isn’t quite enough to get you packing your bags, consider the following.

This graphic compares the cost of living in Minneapolis during 2016 to nine other major cities in the U.S. MSP is represented by the horizontal orange line situated at 100%. The cost of living in MSP was less than half the cost of living in New York, and significantly lower than San Francisco and Boston. The cost of living helps explain why Health Technology media hubs like BioSpace call MSP the “best city to live and work” in, but it’s only one reason of many.

In addition, Minnesota boasts:

  • The #1 largest entertainment and retail complex nationwide: The Mall of America
  • The #1 State Fair attendance in the country (and the most delicious fried foods on a stick)
  • #1 Most Biker-Friendly City
  • 4 professional sports teams (only 13 other areas nationwide can say the same)
  • Minneapolis is Travel and Leisure’s #5 “Best City for Foodies”
  • Over 30 theaters (which makes the MSP region “Midwest’s Performance Capital”)

A booming economy and tech market distinguish the MSP area from similar metropolitan areas. The variety of activities to keep you busy and affordability of living make MSP an ideal community for professionals pursuing careers in Health Technology related disciplines. Minnesota’s health technology community is one of the most prestigous in the country. Before you know it, you’ll be just as proud as we are to call Minnesota “Home”.

Below are links to other great resources about MSP living for further reading:

To learn more about opportunities in the health technology field, or to hear how other companies have partnered with Talencio to tap into our skilled professional talent pool, contact us at 612.703.4236 or email. Talencio has been the preferred provider of vetted, accomplished professionals to the Health Technology Community for over 9 years.

Written by: Jonah Mische, Talencio intern and student at Davidson College, Davidson, NC.


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