Overheard in a department store women’s dressing room: “Well, if I hold my breath and suck in my tummy, can you get the zipper up?” Well, you know the end to that story! No one should buy a garment that is uncomfortable and ill-fitting. And no employer should hire a candidate to do a job for which they are ill-suited, whether on a full-time or temporary basis. For this reason, hiring managers and HR professionals should seriously consider implementing a candidate assessment tool into their hiring process.

At Talencio we employ proven processes to get our clients to a “great fit” in their hires and we avoid the one size fits all scenario. In previous posts we discussed the criticality of developing a job description that accurately reflects client expectations. In this post, we’ll talk about a serious candidate assessment tool – the Talent Translator℠ – Talencio’s custom version of a T-Chart.

Human Resource professionals are familiar with the T-Chart concept. In its simplest form it is a two column chart – a way to compare what’s in the left column with what’s in the right one. Benjamin Franklin used it often in his decision making, assigning the left column to “pro” arguments and the right column to “con” arguments. Talencio uses the T-chart concept to give our clients an actual proof source with measurable candidate accomplishments to support their hiring decisions.

In a nutshell – we start with the position description. The position description is like a company’s request for proposals (RFP). Using the Talent Translator℠ we put Requirements in the left column and the candidate’s Qualifications in the right column. Then we ask every candidate who has passed our extensive vetting process to complete the right column.

This is not an exercise in checking the box! The candidate is asked to provide proof points; specific examples from their past work experiences. Like completing a request for proposal or RFP, it takes time and considerable thought for the candidate to complete.

In the end, both the employer and the candidate will have a much clearer picture as to the “fit” for the position. The client is saved the time searching through a candidate’s resume to align experience and skill with the job requirements. The candidate has an opportunity to showcase successes outside of the confines of a traditional 2 page resume. A true win-win!

The Talent Translator℠ is just one tool in determining proper fit – and an important one. We also recommend thorough interviews and a professional assessment.

To learn more about how to secure the right talent check out Talencio’s blogs: Finding the One and Finding Dory – Tips for Recruitment in a Shallow Market. and Finding “The One”.

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How to Make a Decision like Ben Franklin by Brett and Kate McKay, August 17, 2009
How to Make Decisions like Benjamin Franklin. By Fred Nickols

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