There are definite benefits for professionals looking for contract or consulting work. Some of these can include a flexible work schedule, higher hourly rates than a permanent position, the potential to work remotely, and increased access to gigs as these types of positions are growing in number and availability. Following are 5 tips to enhance success when approaching contract or consulting work.


Watch your attitude – Don’t be that contractor! You know, the one that knows their skills are in high demand, therefore, believes they can behave in any such manner. Do not let your ego or arrogance show, as that kind of behavior won’t be tolerated for long, if at all. You want to be the contractor that builds lasting relationships. That will lead to building your pipeline of future projects through positive referrals.


Be useful on every contract – Go above and beyond to make your boss’s job easier. You need to not only understand what your role is on the project, but should also try to understand the deliverables that your boss has. Easing some of the deliverables your boss has, while completing your projects, is a great way to build a lasting relationship and the potential for future projects with that company.



Communication – Make sure that your communication is effective and diplomatic, as well as tailored to the audience that is receiving it. Don’t be the contractor that only brings the required skills to the table; be the contractor that can also communicate without offending – especially digitally.


Be mindful of your professional reputation – At times, contract work can come with the pre-conceived notion of “He or She is just a contractor.” You can effectively manage that perception by: creating a consulting company – LLC and market yourself and your company on LinkedIn or other avenues. If you treat it as a business, others will take notice.


Continue to develop your skills – The skills that typically generate the highest demand for contract work, are also the highest paid. If you’re consistently investing in your own skills development, it will simply help you make more money.



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