Case studies that describe our placements for  reimbursement professionals:

Reimbursement expertise to complement FDA process

Talencio’s client, a medical device consultancy, engaged us to provide a reimbursement expert for several of their clients. Talencio provided a professional with broad experience in reimbursement strategy, payer relations, medical policy and health economics.  He quickly became a strategic resource for our client.


Assessing the reimbursement marketplace

Talencio’s client, a company introducing a new patient monitoring device to the marketplace, wanted to identify new reimbursement opportunities for their product.  A Talencio consultant conducted a Reimbursement Assessment (RA) to ascertain the size of this emerging opportunity. His RA identified potential coding, coverage, and payment barriers which the client would face with the new product rollout. The RA provided options for resolving these issues before the company goes to market.


Reimbursement consultant fills an expertise gap

Talencio’s client, an international-based provider of radiography imaging technology, required a reimbursement expert to identify leading payers in various U.S. geographies that might financially support a new study. Talencio’s consultant identified potential healthcare systems that fit the desired profile. He provided expertise in payments to surgeons and hospitals that could be negotiated with third party payers.  Finally, he supported negotiations to secure reasonable reimbursement by third party payers.


Developing new payment policies

Talencio’s reimbursement contractor worked on our client’s Payment Policy Implementation.  The project which involved researching and documenting payment policies and providing leadership to implement the policies throughout the healthcare payer organization.  The project looked at both private and public payer sources.  The original project was extended to include a significant implementation phase.

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