Talencio’s Complete Guide to the Job Search Series: Part Five


Why is networking important? Networking is one of the most important parts of building your network and professional reputation, and it’s equally essential for growing your personal brand.  It is important to your professional success, whether you are currently employed or looking for your next opportunity.

Networking can occur one-on-one, over the phone or at an event like a tradeshow, conference or professional meeting.  Meeting with someone face-to-face allows you to form a stronger connection than liking their post on LinkedIn or Instagram or having a brief phone conversation.


Here are 10 keys to the art of successful networking:


1. Connect with the right people, not everyone you meet. Certainly, keep the possibilities open but network with an agenda.  Know who will be your greatest asset, those who can offer new connections and ideas.  Work smarter, not harder.

2. Make networking a weekly priority and schedule time on your weekly calendar.

3. Drop your pitch and start a conversation. Whittle what you do down to a single sentence and get others involved in a discussion by asking them about their business or career.  Ask questions to create engagement.  Learn about their passions, goals, needs, and concerns.  Figure out what is really important to them so you to find connections to help him or her.

4. Have the right energy and attitude. A positive attitude makes people want to be with you, it makes you a magnet.  Leave negative attitudes at the door.  This includes refraining from bad-mouthing anyone or any company.

5. People want to network with others who collaborate. This means emailing a relevant article, recommending an industry or professional event, providing an introduction to someone with the knowledge or access to help with a specific need.  Remember that successful networking is not transactional, it is relational…without a scorecard.

6. Follow up on your promises. If you say you are going to do something for the other person, do it!

7. If you are the recipient of an introduction, article or other insight, be sure to follow up.  Otherwise, the giver will soon give up on you and this negatively impacts your relationship and personal brand.

8. Be trustworthy. When you provide a personal reference, you place your reputation on the line.  You and your referral partner must trust each other.

9. Wherever you network, ensure that you stand out. While keeping your personal brand in mind, create a personal business card that is descriptive and memorable.  It will be a reminder to the recipient of their conversation with you and enable them to easily connect with you in the future and on social media.  Also, consider how you dress, wear your hair, accessorize and more.  Build a unified brand that others can remember.

10. Don’t let your networking connections wither on the vine. Continue to nurture them.  It may be impractical to meet with every connection as often as you’d like.  At the very least, you can post content on social media to remain top of mind.  Then when a need occurs, your connection will remember to reach out.  Additionally, set a goal to meet with a certain number of your primary connections within a certain period of time.  Make nurturing your network a priority.


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Written by: Paula Norbom, President and Founder of Talencio

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