Hallmarks of Leadership During Crisis:


Indecisiveness, panic, and poor planning are not hallmarks of leadership during a crisis.  This seems mighty obvious, however many leaders are paralyzed and unable to take a meaningful step forward.  A barrage of information flows from every direction.  Many are inefficiently working from home and many are managing shifting priorities on the manufacturing floor.   We need to surpass indecisiveness, to stay focused on the shorter term goals, to keep our businesses growing, to engage and care for our employees and to contribute to a better world.  The health technology sector is smack in the middle of the crisis and it is our collective responsibility to be a part of an ongoing solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and heal the sick.

Many organizations are contributing in a variety of amazing ways.  These hallmarks of leadership during crisis are not limited to times of crisis, but also when times are good and the economy is strong.  Notable trends from those organizations contributing to improving our world are:

  • Reposition your value to market demands.
  • Take this time to be a stronger partner so when the need arises, you will be in a position to help.
  • Innovate now.
  • Be agile.
  • Leverage partnerships to do even more.
  • Learn a new skill and retool.
  • Share your wealth with those in need.

The list below is in no way comprehensive but it does include a wide range of real actionable responses during the COVID-19 crisis.  Most organizations on this list have been in the health technology space, but not all of them.  Join us in being a part of the solution.


3M has doubled its global output of N95 respirators to an annual rate of over 1.1 billion per year, or nearly 100 million per month.

Abbott Launches molecular point-of-care test to detect novel coronavirus in as little as five minutes.

Bio-Techne’s Ella on the front lines in fight against COVID-19.

Bright Health announced an updated COVID-19 coverage policy that includes free diagnostic testing and early prescription refills.

Dose Health is helping providers limit the need for in-person office visits.

In just 10 days, Dyson designed a completely new ventilator specifically for COVID-19 patients.

Ecolab unit boosts sanitizer production tenfold to battle COVID-19.

Flywheel Exchange, a research data platform and Imbio, an AI-driven medical imaging company specializing in lung analysis, have teamed up to help global researchers accelerate understanding and treatment for COVID-19.

Ford’s executive chairman, Bill Ford Jr., shares how the company is responding including producing personal protective equipment and partnering with other organizations to develop ventilators and respirators.

Hillrom more than doubles production of critical care products, including ventilators, hospital beds and monitoring devices.

Mayo Clinic CEO says group working to predict potential coronavirus hotspots.

Medtronic launches new solutions to help assess, monitor and triage support for patients.

Medtronic is publicly sharing ventilator design specifications to increase global production.

Microbiologics is launching a SARS-CoV-2 IVD control within its popular Helix EliteTM line of molecular controls. This new IVD product provides quality control measures for the development, verification, and validation of diagnostic tests.

Nonin is working around the clock to increase production and shipment of its pulse oximeters.

PhysIQ’s Proprietary Personalized Analytics to be Used for COVID-19 Care with Newly Broadened FDA Labeling.

Smiths Medical to produce 10,000 ventilators for the UK government, a ramp up from hundreds a month to thousands.

Starkey Donates 80,000 Masks to Healthcare Workers.

Stratasys ramps up production of 3D-printer personal protection equipment with their initial goal at no cost to the recipients.

UnitedHealth Group to roll out coronavirus test to 46,000 doctors.

Datica partnered with Zipnosis in response to the surge in demand for their virtual care solution, recently screening and treating over 167,000 patients in 6 days, nearly 4x the daily increase of its usage need.

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Written by: Paula Norbom, President and Founder of Talencio


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