Part IV:  The Meeting
A five-part series that will help navigate you through, what some consider, the necessary evil  . . .  NETWORKING.

Cup o moneyIf you could have 30-60 minutes with a CEO from one of the top corporations in the world, how much would you pay for the ultimate networking experience?
In early 2013 an organization called Charity Buzz auctioned off a chance to have coffee with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, at Apple head quarters in California.  This auction item was valued at $50,000, however, with over 86 bids, the opportunity of a lifetime closed at a whopping $610,000.  This one auction item brought in more than twice the total amount of the other 118 auctions supporting their same charity.


Why?  What do the bidders know that we don’t?  They understand who they are meeting with.


While most networking opportunities won’t include Tim Cook, you must prepare as if it will.  First, you have to ask yourself, why is talking with this person important to you?  What information do you want to obtain from them?  This is also applicable in a group environment.  Why is this event meaningful to you and/or your business?  What do you hope to accomplish by attending?


Once those questions are answered you can now prepare for the meeting:

  • Research the person/event attendees: Get to know your audience
  • Prepare relevant, open-ended questions: You want to get to know their industry/business
  • Prepare open-ended questions: Find common ground/you want to get to know them
  • Prepare to answer questions: Keep this a two-way conversation
  • Be a good listener: It is ok to take notes
  • Ask how you can help them: Give back
  • Follow up: Send a thank you note
  • Follow up on action items: Do what you agreed to do


The most important thing to remember when networking is to clearly convey the importance of the meeting and that you are really listening.  This is the way to strengthen those relationships.  It is the reason you’ve embarked on this journey.

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Source:, Tim Cook Coffee Auction Ends, Juli Clover, May 14,2013

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