In our previous blog on disengaged employees, we cited research from the Gallup organization that indicates 30% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged at work, and that disengagement negatively affects important company metrics such as: customer ratings, profitability, productivity and quality, absenteeism, employee theft, turnover and safety. Gallup’s research shows that when employees are more engaged, all those metrics improve.


Gallup tells us that “great managers” are the most important factor in creating an engaged workforce. But what are the ingredients for the secret sauce called “great manager?” How would you know a “great manager” if you saw one? What do the best managers do differently?


Gallup has some very special assessment tools for identifying employees with the inherent talents to become great managers. But if one were to evaluate the effectiveness of managers already in place, what are some things you might look for? Based on some case examples provided in Gallup’s report, the following seem to be some of the key ingredients that contribute to the secret sauce of managerial greatness:

  • A guiding vision or mission that is motivating to employees
  • Open, two-way communication between the manager and employees with a genuine interest in relationship building
  • An eagerness to celebrate team accomplishments and successes
  • An expectation that employees will give their best; the creation of a culture of accountability
  • A habit of leading by example
  • A focus on driving outcomes even in the face of difficult circumstances and resistance
  • A willingness to base decisions on performance rather than politics

Gallup’s 2015 “State of the American Manger” report summarizes, “The best managers are gifted with the ability to inspire employees, drive outcomes, overcome adversity, hold people accountable, build strong relationships and make tough decisions based on performance rather than politics.”


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