The phrase “have your cake and eat it too” refers to doing or getting two good things at the same time, specifically things that aren’t thought of as usual to have together. There are areas, specifically in business, where it seems hard to get two good things at the same time. Is it possible to hire temporary workers and further your business objectives simultaneously? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes! This blog notes many advantages for companies to overcome their hurdles and capacity issues by accessing quality talent through a contract staffing agency, such as Talencio. Among the advantages for employers are:

  • quick response; reduced time-to-hire
  • decreased recruiting cost
  • decreased paperwork
  • allows HR to focus on broader issues
  • provides access to a talent pool with specific hard-to-source skills and technologies
  • enables the ability to retain that talent with specific skills and facility with particular technologies on an as-needed basis
  • builds in flexibility to end the worker’s contract when no longer needed
  • ability to see a particular contractor’s skills in action to determine whether they might be a good fit for a full-time position within your workforce, etc.

But are all the advantages on the employer side? Of course not! The contract staffer wins too.
Yes, there are contract workers who desire, more than anything, to find a full-time permanent job. Although a contract position is not their end-goal, working on a temporary, contractual basis can provide them with these advantages:

  • replacement income during their job search
  • flexibility to conduct a job search while having an income
  • ability to acquire some new skills while filling a contract position
  • ability to assess new potential job environments, try on different work cultures
  • ability to network within new work environments
  • ability to prove one’s skills and usefulness to the employer

And, there are contract workers who place a high value on flexibility. For these workers, having a full-time, permanent job might not fit well with their life goals which may include extensive travel or other family priorities. For workers who put a premium on flexibility, working on a contractual basis provides these advantages:

  • flexibility to take care of family needs or pursue opportunities like travel, professional development training, etc.
  • variety of assignments
  • an antidote to stagnation
  • desirability of change
  • personal control over their schedule and assignments
  • ability to take longer vacations
  • fewer office meetings
  • being paid for actual hours worked
  • new challenges, new problems to solve
  • broadening skillset
  • ability to tolerate less-than-desirable projects, working environments and colleagues with the knowledge that the assignment will end

Contract staffing provides opportunities for you to have your cake and eat it too. Leverage contract talent and meet your business objectives.

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Have Your Cake and Eat It too.

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